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Jewels is more than a candy

Enjoy the joy of sweetness in your mouth
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feel good


Bought this previously and thought it was a good idea.. drank my tea slowly with the rock sugar. The taste is different!


feel good


Fun and nice taste .Packing very beautiful .Good for giving as a gift to other.!

Shirley H.

feel good


I have never experience such a beautiful tea taste until I started using it with Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks - French Vanilla. It make me feel having more. Thumb up.

Za za


Jewels Rock Sugar X Ying the Label Pop Up Cafe

A special interactive pop-up cafe where Food and Fashion meet.

Whether tea or coffee is your poison of choice, Jewels Rock Sugar promises to make it sweeter with their brand new range of flavours, handcrafted to perfection. Round off your unique Jewels experience by viewing the colorful assortment of dipping candies on display in the cafe. You can also tickle your artistic senses by taking a walk through an exclusive art installation by Ying from Ying the Label. Explore the thought process behind one of her most popular capsule prints, ‘Steady Heart’ and discover the stories behind her artwork as she discloses her artistic journey!


The Jewels Experience

An experience like never before celebrating colors and flavors that pop in your mouth.

Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks bring about an exciting zest to life, taste it like a candy or dip it in your favorite beverage like coffee, tea, sparkling water or cocktail. It makes the flavors pop! Have fun, enjoy and explore! Share the sparkles!

Sweet Conviction

Made with Love

Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks is made by Singapore's oldest and only sugar manufacturer with more than 70 years of history and heritage

Naturally Crystallized

Made of naturally crystallized rock sugar, it is the purest form of sugar, giving it a sweet round taste, not overpowering.


The Perfect Gift

What's better than spreading happiness and sweetness with Jewels. We have gifts that suit any occasion and budget.


Handcrafted with Love

Each rock sugar stick is created by hand making them unique like no other.


Award Winning and Recognised

A unique product that has won accolades and recognition in Singapore and abroad.


Made in Singapore

Jewels Rock Sugar are made in Singapore by the oldest and only sugar factory in Singapore.

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The best things in life are sweets and candy.

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