(English) Jewels – The Perfect Christmas Gift

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‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate the festivities by giving your loved ones the perfect gift? After all, the true spirit of Christmas is all about joy and giving!!!

This year’s must have is definitely Jewels by Cheng; delightfully flavoured rock sugar sticks that add a burst of flavour to your life. Coming in 5 different flavours – Classic, Lemon Fiesta, Jujube, French Vanilla and Singapore Sling, these tasty treats are made by Singapore’s only rock sugar manufacturer, Cheng Yew Heng.

Jewels by Cheng are the purest form of sugar and created by a 2 week long natural crystallization process. The well-rounded and balanced taste of rock sugar brings out the flavour in food and beverages, without overpowering it. Such a taste profile makes Jewels ideal for every occasion and is the perfect blend of tradition, joy and love, just the way Christmas should be!

Make this holiday season the most memorable one yet and enjoy The Jewels Experience… ENJOY, EXPLORE AND HAVE FUN!


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