(English) Wedding Flavours – Timeless Traditions

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The key to a memorable wedding

often lies in the little details.

One of the time-honoured traditions is the adornment of tables with wedding favours.  Wedding favours have become a default presence on the to-do lists of couples that are about to get hitched. However, finding a little gift for each guest can be a daunting task. This tradition is filled with rich history as well as symbolism and is a cherished opportunity to thank guests for their attendance at the wedding.

Wedding favours first started out with French aristocracy in the 16th century who would present guests with jewel encrusted boxes containing sugared almonds or sweets called bonbonnières at the weddings. This gesture was not just about extravagance, as it was believed that sugar had health benefits and such a gift was a gesture of love to all the guests. In addition, sugared almonds had even greater significance at weddings, due to the contrast in tastes of the almonds (bitter) and the sugar (sweet), symbolising the bitter-sweetness of marriage.

Couples have been practising bestowing guests with a symbol of gratitude at important occasions in many countries for hundreds of years. In Greece, the traditional gift was also candied almonds while in the Middle East, the bride gave guests five almonds to bless each of them with happiness, longevity, fertility, wealth and health. As for France and Spain, couples believe in the health benefits of sugar and guests were gifted small chocolates representing fulfilment and happiness.

Jewels by Cheng is a modern take on such a timeless tradition and these deliciously flavoured rock sugar sticks are the purest form of sugar, symbolic of the sanctity as well as purity of marriage. With a myriad of flavours available to cater to everyone’s taste buds, finding the perfect wedding favour has never been easier. Rock sugar has a well-balanced and rounded taste and these Jewels bring out the tastes in beverages without overpowering them. They can even be eaten on their own like candy.

Mark the start of married life in the sweetest way possible with Jewels by Cheng!


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