Slow down your pace of life, enjoy your drink sip by sip.

Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks are perfect for any gifting occasion. Be it for as a gift to a loved one for him or for her presents, a present at work or office for an employee, colleague, boss or secretary, a wedding favor at the wedding dinner or matrimonial ceremony or registration of marriage, or wedding proposal or gift for the brides maids, or bachelor party or hen’s party, a keepsake at a children’s party, one month celebration, high tea party, a souvenir of Singapore that is authentic, local and of Singapore Asian heritage or a gift to treat and pamper yourself.

Dinner Gathering / Cocktail Party

Impress your guests at your dinner gathering or cocktail parties with a colorful assortment of flavored rock sugar sticks that are a perfect edible accessory to your cocktails, mocktails, or sparkling water! Have it as a condiment the Jewels way. Taste, stir and taste again.

High Tea / Tea Party

A must have at your weekend or weekday tea parties or high tea lawn party! While you dip and taste Jewels in your tea or Coffee, share a story or a gossip or two! Enjoy among your friends!

Wedding Favors

The perfect wedding favor for your guests. Our sticks comes in pairs signifying double happiness and sweet returns. Did you know that traditionally rock sugar was used as part of the dowry gifts decades ago?

Travel With It & Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself whenever and whereever- happy or sad, when you travel or are at home. Because you deserve the best! It’s a great treat with friends but also when you are alone. If you travel, it is convenient and easy to take along. Share your moments with us by hash-tagging #jewelsrocksugar and we will see it through your lenses! Or If you are feeling down, Jewels can be a silent friend- “a dose of sugar makes the medicine go down”- makes the bitterness in life go away.

The Perfect Souvenir / Heritage Gift

Cannot think an gift to give your foreign friends? Well look no further. Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks X 1872 Clipper Tea Co. represents more than 200 years of Singapore heritage, making it one of the oldest and bestest gift in the world. Also giving sugar in Asian tradition means sweet returns. What’s more you are not only sharing the love and heritage, but it also represents a twist of tradition. What is a better way to surprise the receiver with a truly authentic gift from Singapore.