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    Jewels Rock Sugar X Hook Coffee Set

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    Jewels Rock Sugar X Hook Coffee Set

    A special collaboration between Jewels Rock Sugar and Hook Coffee for coffee enthusiasts alike. This gift is the passion, hard work and innovation between the two brands.

    The Jewels Rock Sugar X Hook Coffee Gift Set brings the best of naturally crystallized rock sugar, individually handcrafted and flavored to create an amazing lifestyle experience and a new way to sweeten up your freshly brewed artisanal coffee. What’s more, the travel friendly rock sugar sticks and drip coffee bags can be enjoyed together anytime, anywhere.

    Packaging Contains:
    5 Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks (14g x5, Total 70g)
    – Raspberry (14g)
    – Peppermint (14g)
    – Coconut (14g)
    – Hazelnut (14g)
    – Caramel (14g)

    5 Hook Coffee Drip Bags (10g x5, Total 50g)
    – Give me S’Mores (10g)
    – Cherry Bomb (10g)
    – Sweet Bundchen (10g)
    – Gold Digger (10g)
    – Speculose Your Mind (10g)

    Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks are made in Singapore.

    Enjoy the multitude of flavors come alive in your mouth when you pair Jewels and Hook Coffee.

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    Collaboration with Hook Coffee

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