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    Our Journey

    About Jewels Rock Sugar

    Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks by Cheng represents a new wave of the business that combines more than 70 years of heritage and expertise in producing the finest, purest rock sugar and re-inventing it with an exciting taste and experience.

    The retail brand JEWELS was created to engage users to slow down their way of life by enjoying their favorite drink and beverage through our JEWELS experience. Also encourage consumers to explore what flavors, colors and what rock sugar and its benefits are. As well as promote healthy living and habits while having a great lifestyle and enjoy life.

    From the start of the September 2016, Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks by Cheng has sold all across Singapore and has established a name for itself. These naturally crystallized rock sugar sticks are ideal for pairing with coffee, tea, sparkling water, cocktails or simply as a candy.

    Enjoy. Explore. Have Fun.

    The best things in life are sweets and candy.

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