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    Jewels Coffee Series

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    Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks Coffee Series

    We heard you. For the coffee lovers who want a little sweetness to their lives since it can be very bitter like your coffee. Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks- Two in a Box, Coffee Series provides just the right amount to accentuate the mouth feel and delicious coffee aromas.
    These delightfully flavored sticks are perfect for coffee, sparkling water, cocktails, tea or as a candied treat in itself.

    Here are the flavors:
    Raspberry – fresh sweetness taste, a romantic indulgence.
    Coconut – sweet and fresh coconut taste, a vacation in your mouth.
    Hazelnut – sweet buttery, nutty taste.
    Peppermint – cool burst of flavor, a minty, sweet menthol.
    Caramel – the delicious flavor and aroma of caramelized sugar.
    Classic – Original taste, a timeless favorite.

    Each box contains 2 sticks (Each stick is 14g, total 28g)
    Made in Singapore. Halal Certified. From Pure Cane Rock Sugar.

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    Two in a Box (Coffee Series)

    The best things in life are sweets and candy.

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