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    Jewels Rock Sugar X Florence Ng

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    Jewels Rock Sugar X Florence Ng

    “Explore the unequivocal beauty of being unique with the Limited Glass Art Edition”

    These sugar sticks draw inspiration from renowned local artist Florence Ng’s Uniquely Different. The concepts behind this series are the raw and organic textures in nature that signify the invariable differences of the human condition.

    Florence’s appreciation for glass as a medium to convey her designs and ideas stems from her capacity to control its form and appearance. Her work makes glass come alive via a kaleidoscope of texture and colors. Synergraphic Design, a commercial glass and interior design firm, was set up by Florence in 1986. Her vision is to delve deep into “The art of glass and all things beautiful”. Synergraphic’s forte is in the conceptualization, designing, fabrication and installation of varying types of glass art pieces.

    A recurring central theme in Florence’s pieces are people and she excels in the exploration of the multiple aspects and facets of people. Despite glass being considered a material that is fragile and brittle, Florence is able to bring forth the impression of softness, fluidity and malleability in her work. Their iconic abstractness as well as simplicity in line and form make Synergraphic’s projects truly a sight to behold.

    “Each Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks are unique, hence the collaboration with Florence Ng’s Uniquely Different is a perfect fit.”

    The stunning individuality of the Rock Sugar Sticks are paired seamlessly with the raw beauty of the precious gemstones, a fusion of timeless elegance and class.


    Collaboration with Florence Ng

    The best things in life are sweets and candy.

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